About Racecraft

Jim Froula began operating Racecraft in 2003 after many successful years running the business Froula Motorsports. With the name change the new focus for the business became the Vintage Racing community and we have grown steadily since. In the Fall of 2006, Terry Forland joined the team. His extensive restoration knowledge and skills have enabled further expansion and growth for the Racecraft team. Jim and Terry share a passion for racing and appreciation of special cars. Together they have amassed an impressive amount of experience, technical knowledge and specialized skills in automotive restoration, race car design and fabrication. Both have been successful in many forms of racing over the years and been head to head competitors on the track. This history of dedication and knowledge has formed a strong team of talent.

Tools of the Trade

Racecraft has a wide variety of capabilities. Some of the Racecraft shop tools include machining equipment (mill, lathe, metal saws), welding and cutting equipment (TIG, MIG, Plasma, gas torch), sheet metal fabrication equipment (brake, shear, notcher, punches, roller) as well as many specialty hand tools. Everything a well equipped shop should have to handle your needs to complete your project with the highest quality and in a timely manner.

Why Choose Racecraft?

Unlike some shops, where you see the same cars sitting idle month after month, Racecraft is dedicated to keeping projects moving quickly and efficiently. Years of experience managing large projects allow us to foresee and overcome common delays , sub-contractor issues, material procurement difficulties and technical resource issues. Racecraft knows the answers to your questions and can solve your racing needs. We know every enthusiast has his/her own goal for their car so we go out of our way to understand your goal and help you achieve it.

Racecraft Touring Cup 2008